Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence

By Rogue Festival (other events)

4 Dates Through Mar 11, 2023


Jeannette Rankin’s name should be one we all know, after all she was the first woman elected to US Congress! But since we don’t, I didn’t anyway, JEANNETTE RANKIN: CHAMPION OF PERSISTENCE offers us a snapshot of her life from her youth to her maturity. It includes her battle for suffrage, her election to US Congress, the painful vote to oppose Woodrow Wilson’s War to keep the world safe for Democracy. Our story includes her brave alignment with the copper miners after the 1917 explosion in the Speculator mine near Butte, MT and in 1941, after a second successful election, her lonely vote to keep the US out of WWII. Finally after her world travels, Jeannette’s last battle, to bring the US troops home from Vietnam. The story of Jeannette’s long life offers us a unique slice of US History, and is a lesson in how our Democracy does or doesn’t work. You decide.

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