Magic of Kyle Elder

By Rogue Festival (other events)

5 Dates Through Mar 11, 2023

The Magic of Kyle Elder returns to the Fresno Rogue Festival for the first time in 3 years. Although the pandemic may have hit the pause button on the world, Kyle has some new mesmerizing magic to share. Come experience the Magic of Elder!

Who is Kyle Elder
Kyle Elder is a very well known magician in the Central Valley. He has a great passion for the art of magic and has been studying magic for over 25 years. Kyle developed an interest in magic at a very young age when his grandfather bought him his first magic trick at the age of 7, and his interest has since then grown to a true love of the art. Over the years Kyle has studied and perfected this art! He has a wide range of performance experience with some of his favorites being strolling, parlor and stage magic.

Kyle has been a member of the Fresno Magic Club for many years and is the current president of the club. He is also a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle.
Between his approachable demeanor, expert sleight of hand, and psychological misdirection, Kyle never fails to create an unforgettable experience.

Mailing Address

710 Van Ness – Ste 187 Fresno CA 93721