Anatomica: I'm A Little Hotdog Man! Nah, I Kid, I Kid! Juuuust A Little Smokey Jokey For Ya. But For Reals, When You Were, Like

By Rogue Festival (other events)

6 Dates Through Mar 11, 2023

Multi-award-winning performer Amica Hunter GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN and CRUSHES YOUR FUNNY BONE in this hilarious, captivating, and sometimes-unsettling comedy that dissects our human desire to sort and classify. Skeletons - everyone in the animal kingdom has got one (yes even worms and jellyfish). But which biological configuration is objectively the BEST? With only a microphone and long plastic tube, Amica unveils the chaos of the natural world and the ubiquitous nuisance of living in a body.

After a solid decade of touring the world and winning awards as the dynamic physical comedy duo A Little Bit Off, Amica is thrilled to be debuting their first solo show!

Anatomica is an absolutely unhinged investigation of the inadequacies of our ridgid systems of categorization, and a celebration of the absurdity of being trapped in a body that is limited by pain, fatigue, and ultimately decay. Through stand up, storytelling, and physical comedy, Amica reviews the three skeletal systems found in earthly organisms, and the limitations of each one. We’ve heard about “breaking the binary,” but what about the TRINARY? Come along on this deranged tour of one artist's brain to find out!

Mailing Address

710 Van Ness – Ste 187 Fresno CA 93721