Breakneck Comedy of Errors

By Rogue Festival (other events)

3 Dates Through Mar 06, 2022

This one-man “Comedy of Errors” finds Tim Mooney taking on THIRTEEN different characters, including ALL FOUR PAIRS of twins! (He threw in two extra sets of twins just to up the challenge.) Tim explains, “It’s a play about mistaken identity with all the identities being played by the same person. My challenge was to make sense of all of this in a way that the audience would immediately grasp the evolving situation, but still feel the delight of puzzling through the criss-cross of confusion.”

"Breakneck Comedy of Errors" had its broadcast premiere at New York’s “So Many Shakespeares” festival in late July, where it won the “Best Overall Show” award. Broadcast to the Minnesota Fringe Fest, it won universal five-star audience reviews, acclaimed for “taking a “convoluted Shakespeare comedy and turning it into a bullet train” and “creating a gloriously organized story out of utter chaos.”

Tim’s past Rogue appearances have included the acclaimed Shakespeare shows, “Lot o’ Shakespeare,” and “Breakneck Hamlet” while his last visit to Fresno featured the haunting “Man Cave” (made even more haunting as the pandemic was shutting down the country). “Breakneck Comedy of Errors” is his twelfth one-man play, and his first one-man FARCE, captured in a flurry of character/costume changes sudden entrances, exits, twists and turns. He notes, “I had no ideas just how I might pull this one off, but the more ‘impossible’ it seemed, the more I resolved to make it work!”

“This play grew out of the necessities of the pandemic. I originally staged it for a three-camera shoot, performed, essentially, with my hands and face. I’ve retained a lot of that feel, this time from the waist up, allowing a greater range of motion, but still holding to one place as I furiously switch characters from one to the next. A wide variety of headgear enables the audience to instantly recognize which of the various twins is speaking, even as the confusion mounts, as, for instance, a single wig represents three different characters.”

As usual, Tim can’t resist throwing in “snarky narration” to further clarify and underline the absurdity of it all and, as usual, he can’t resist throwing in puns here and there, as when he acknowledges that it was the Father’s fateful trip to Epidamium which seems to have… “damned ‘em.”

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