Erica Lann-Clark - Still Shopping for God

By Rogue Festival (other events)

5 Dates Through Mar 07, 2015

Can you fit God into a Mercedes Benz? Agnostic Erica travels to all the wrong places, department store fitting rooms, wild drama therapy groups and finally back home to her atheist Jewish family in a hilarious and heart breaking show that Martin Sheen called "fearlessly funny'!

As a kid, Erica asked her family, "How can you be atheists?" Her mom said, "Everyone's relationship to God is entirely personal. All you need to know is never touch yourself -- you'll go blind.""  Her dad said, "On this planet, the Almighty Dollar is God." And Superhero Cousin Marsha said, "If I weren't an atheist, I'd pray for you!"

Erica rebelled, went Methodist, Quaker, Pagan -- stopped at nothing in her spiritual search to find out -- is it possible to reconcile with the people you've hated for years -- and worse yet, the ones you've loved!

"SHOPPING FOR GOD" was developed at The Marsh, San Francisco as part of their New Performance Initiative and played to critical acclaim in an extended Marsh SF run in 2007. 

The East Bay Express praised the show as "priceless material that should resonate with just about everyone.”

The SF Bay Guardian said "Erica Lann-Clark is a spark plug -- winking, nodding, and cracking jokes with pitch-perfect timing --- Revelatory and bittersweet."   Actor Martin Sheen said, "Erica is fearlessly funny. She commits outrageous acts of comic clairvoyance to get at uncomfortable truth."   

And now Erica is back with a new and improved version--"STILL SHOPPING FOR GOD."  Don't miss the wild ride of this pissed off, aging, feminist Hinju!

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